Last Wings, the new game of Vertice Games

Okay, you just enter the site or check out the video on YouTube and was wondering what is “Last Wings”? Don’t panic, I will explain. Last Wings is an indie game developed by Vertice Games, a company based in Sao Paulo, Brazil's financial center.


The game takes place in an atmosphere of air combat in which your goal is to destroy the opponents aircraft. In addition, you can play on and offline:

Multiplayer: Exactly what you think! You will have the opportunity to destroy people around the world, including your best friends (lol). You can get in a quick game, in which select a game mode (see below) in specific and you will be inserted into a session to play. You can also create your own session, setting phases, game mode, how many players and if it will be public or private.

Singleplayer: In this mode you will compete against our IA. You can set the game mode, choose the phases and the difficulty of the bots. Playing single is recommended to train before heading out killing everyone in multiplayer.

Game Modes

Score Attack: In this mode, to become the champion you should be the first to kill 20 opponents, but be warned, it's free for all!
Team Attack: Are you good to work on teams? Then you have the chance to fight with some allies against an opposing team. The first team to reach 30 kills, wins the match.
Conquest: Attack the enemy base but don't forget to defend yours. Wins who destroy the enemy base.
Hardcore: Similar to Team Attack, but every player has just one life. Are you strong enough to survive?
Random: The game will choose of of the 4 game modes randonly at each enf of match.

Until publishing date on Sony, we will keep you guys updated with video gameplays of each game mode, so you can know the game better. You want to stay on top of all news and updates? Sign up for our newsletter and receive all directly to your email.

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